Bye, Big Pharma. Hello, Mother Nature.

Balancing medications is tough. You have to keep in mind when to take them, how they should be taken, and introducing a different dosage or a new medication could have painful side effects. In some cases, turning to other methods to treat certain symptoms could possibly reduce the occurrence of this problem. But where do you find these kinds of remedies?

“Incorporating natural remedies can help improve quality of life, without the major deterrents that medicine can have,” says Teleia Farrell, Community Outreach Director of YourLife™ of West Melbourne. “While these aren’t replacements or cures, alternative medicines may help with everyday issues, like getting enough sleep or managing pain.” 

In this blog, we’ll go over why alternative medicines could be considered to be part of someone’s health plan and the benefits this medicine can provide. 

Why Look to Alternative Medicines? 

When someone is taking multiple medications, they need to be wary of drug interactions and side effects. Drug interactions are how the drug reacts with other prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, food, and sometimes herbs. 

Prescription medication can also have serious side effects that impede everyday life. Common side effects from drugs include: 

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia/Drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal Issues

While medication may be necessary, knowing that a pill could cause stomach cramps or make someone fall asleep right after they take it could lead to searching for other options that will not result in these side effects. That’s where alternative medicine may be able to help. 

How Can Natural Remedies Help Maintain Health?

Studies have shown that complementary and alternative medicines can help older adults with pain relief, maintain their health and fitness, and improve quality of life. Herbal medicine can come in many forms: 

  • Extracts
  • Tea
  • Pills

Those taking the herbal medicine have options to choose from. Perhaps a cup of herbal tea to promote better sleep becomes part of your mom’s bedtime routine. The experience in itself can be an enjoyable daily ritual, and the benefit is that she gets a restful, full sleep. This can also work to prevent the exacerbation of symptoms from diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

If you don’t see a cup of tea fitting into your loved one’s routine, perhaps an extract that helps relieve stomach problems could be added in a meal where one doesn’t even notice the taste. Stomach pain can prevent older adults from wanting to eat. If alternative medicine can calm their stomach, it provides an opportunity for mealtimes to become an engaging experience again. 

Your loved one may be interested in taking a supplement to get all the necessary nutrients they need to feel healthy. After speaking with a doctor, your loved one may benefit from adding supplements for calcium, types of Vitamin B, or other areas where their levels could improve. 

In addition to herbal medicine, both chiropractic medicine and acupuncture can also provide ways to soothe and treat painful symptoms. 

Combining these different forms of treatment allow older adults to find methods that help them feel good and energized. They’re able to spend the day choosing what they’re going to do instead of having their medication dictate how the day will go. 

Your loved one will have the energy to get the exercise they need to maintain physical health or will have longer visits or participate in activities in their home. With all these components working together without the blocks that side effects create, your loved one’s wellness and comfort levels could increase. 

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