A Collaborative Effort to Make Martin County a Dementia-Friendly Community

As seniors begin to age, their brain health begins to change, potentially leading to dementia. This doesn’t simply affect them, but everyone around them. It affects safety, ability to complete everyday tasks, form and foster relationships and feel as though they belong in the community. While it may seem as though there is little that you can do to help, the truth is, with collaborative efforts and a bit of understanding, a community can become dementia-friendly and more inclusive. According to Winsome McLeod, Executive Director at YourLife™ of Stuart, a Memory Care community in Stuart, Florida, the senior population in Martin County is rising steadily, which makes it all the more important to ensure a safe community for those with dementia. “Although a senior has a form of memory loss, it doesn’t mean that their need to belong, communicate and experience a fulfilling life changes,” says Winsome. “It’s common for seniors with memory loss to begin to withdraw as a result of their disease, and it can cause depression, loss of interest in activities they once loved and agitation. If we create an environment where others understand the disease, know how to effectively deal with it and help seniors to feel welcome and included, we may be able to help them continue living the life they love while improving their safety.”

Creating a Dementia-Friendly Community

According to a video by Martin County HUGS, more than 47,000 Martin County residents are 65 years of age or older, and of those, approximately 6,500 are living with memory loss. This created a need for “an environment where dementia patients and their caregivers are treated with respect and dignity,” according to their website. Thus, Martin County HUGS was created. Who is Martin County HUGS? They are a collaborative effort between the Alzheimer’s Community Care®and the Council on Aging of Martin County at the Kane Center. Together, they share a goal of improving the lives of seniors within the community with Help, Understanding, Guidance and Safety (HUGS). What does Martin County HUGS aim to do? According to their website, Martin County HUGS is striving to create a dementia-friendly community in order to foster the abilities of those living with memory loss and helping them to engage and thrive right where they are. They will provide opportunities, education and awareness so that others know how to treat those with dementia to create positive interactions. How can I help? A great way to help is to become educated about the disease and even donate to their cause. For more information on how to help create a dementia-friendly community or to see how YourLife™ of Stuart is enhancing the lives of seniors with dementia, contact our team today. We would be happy to be a resource for you and help you to better understand those living with dementia. Contact us today at 772-207-4191.

Designed for You. Defined by You.

YourLife™ of Stuart was created with one purpose – to provide the most exceptional Memory Care and uplifting lifestyle for our residents. As Memory Care specialists, we focus all our energy, attention and resources to creating a community that caters to each resident’s personal needs, respects their choices and honors individuality, while providing unequaled peace of mind and support for families. Because Memory Care is our sole focus, we have the unique ability to design and personally tailor plans around our residents. We see each resident as an individual, understanding that everyone has their own story, specific needs and retained abilities. With that information, we develop personally inspired care plans that value and support each person’s independence. Our team of attentive, caring YourLife™ Personal Care Specialists are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide assistance with everyday activities, gentle reminders and redirection. Through our signature programming, YourStory, we create an individual experience centered around each resident. From cultural, educational and health and wellness programming, scheduled outings and other special events to personal care, assistance and multiple therapies, we create days with meaning. At YourLife™ of Stuart, our residents and families know that this is a community designed for you, with a lifestyle defined by you. Contact us to learn more! Call us at 772-207-4191 for more information or to schedule a personal visitoday.