COVID-19 Visitation/Engagement/Outing Protocols Internal Guidelines

  1. The utilization of compassionate caregivers is no longer applicable. All visitors are open to visit within the community.
  2. All Visitors must complete the COVID questionnaire on Accushield and have their temperature tested prior to entering.
  3. Visitors will be provided a surgical mask prior to entering the community. A mask will also be provided to the visitor to take to the resident they are visiting to encourage the resident to wear the mask during the visit.
  4. Visitors must be directed to the closest handwashing station to ensure they wash their hands prior to their visit. 
  5. All visitation will take place during the hours the concierge is working to ensure proper screening upon entering the community. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis by speaking to the Executive Director. Visits no longer require advance scheduling. There is no time limit on the visit.
  6. Visitors are required to maintain social distance of at least six feet with staff and other residents while visiting in the facility.
    a. Visitations are encouraged to take place on our porches and in our courtyards.
    b. Visitations may take place in the resident’s room.
          1. If the resident lives in a small or large friendship, they cannot visit in the room while the resident’s roommate is present to allow for social distancing. The community will provide another space such as the serenity room for their private visits where needed. Deluxe friendships are large enough to accommodate socially distanced visits with roommate present.
    c. Hugging is ok!
    d. All visitors and returning residents must enter through the main entrance only (PBG- AL/IL enter through AL/IL main entrance while MC enters through MC entrance).
  7. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and adhere to social distancing and mask guidelines.
  8.  Therapy pets are permitted to visit all residents. The therapy pet owners must adhere to screening protocols upon entry.
  9. Outside entertainment is permitted, entertainers need to socially distance themselves from others and follow screening protocols upon entry.
  10. Safe booths are no longer needed.
  11. Residents are permitted to leave with POAs and other approved loved ones to go on outings of their choice. Families are requested to continue with social distancing and masks while out of the community. Upon return, the resident and guest will need to follow screening protocols through Accushield.
  12.  If a resident tests positive for Covid 19, that resident should follow quarantine protocols. Further testing of residents and associates should be discussed with the RVP of Wellness. Visitation should not cease; however, Responsible Parties and visitors should be made aware of the positive test within the community.
  13. Communities should continue to require negative Covid-19 test results upon move into the community for residents, as well as ask for vaccination record, if applicable.
  14. Communities should continue to require negative Covid-19 test results upon hire of new associates, as well as ask for vaccination record, if applicable
  15. Visitors may request to have meals with residents. We will accommodate with a 24 hour notice. Meals can take place in the resident’s private room, courtyard porch, private dining rooms, or in the resident common dining area, if able to socially distance.