COVID Response Updates & FAQ

Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began impacting the lives of seniors and their families, YourLife has delivered a proactive approach to protecting our residents, associates and their families. YourLife™ communities continue to adhere to local, federal and CDC safety protocols, as well as the emergency management mandates from the Governor.

Stay Connected with Ongoing Communication

We remain committed to providing timely communications to offer insight into the safety protocols being used, information on vaccination and share the ways that we keep residents engaged, as well as protected.

To answer frequently asked questions, review the list below with topics ranging from in-person visiting, transmission prevention efforts and new safety protocols. If your question isn’t listed here, please contact the Executive Director at your preferred community. Questions regarding specific residents or situations should be directed to your community’s Executive Director or Director of Wellness.

Does YourLife™ offer vaccine clinics for residents and/or their families? 

YourLife™ continues to work with our pharmacy provider, Guardian Pharmacy, to assist new residents and other members of the YourLife™ family with ongoing vaccination support and assistance.

When can I visit my loved one?

So long as the community is free of COVID-positive residents, everyone is welcome to visit freely within the community. Our safe-visit booths are no longer needed. The utilization of compassionate caregivers is no longer applicable. If residents test positive in the community, you will be contacted by the Executive Director regarding updated visitation rules.

All visitors must be screened at the Concierge’s desk and follow all community policies.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and adhere to social distancing and mask guidelines.

Therapy pets are allowed. The therapy pet owners must adhere to screening protocols upon entry.

Outside entertainment is permitted, entertainers socially distance themselves from others and follow screening protocols upon entry.

What are the testing protocols?

We are adhering to state mandates and CDC guidelines for testing in assisted living communities ( We are continuing daily screenings for symptoms and are taking great care to protect our residents and staff from COVID-19.

What if there is a positive test?

All team members and residents are retested following guidelines provided by the local Department of Health.  Any staff member who tests positive is directed to self-quarantine for 10 days and is retested after this period.  We follow processes and procedures to isolate residents if they test positive or are showing symptoms. Each apartment is its own ecosystem with its own heating and air – making isolation easier to manage for our residents.

What safety protocols are in place for visiting?

Anyone entering the building (including team members) must complete a health screening questionnaire, have their temperature taken at the door and take an oxygen saturation test.

All visitors and returning residents must enter through the main entrance only and complete a COVID questionnaire and have their temperature tested prior to entering.

Visitors will be given a surgical mask prior to entering and be directed to the closest handwashing station prior to resident contact.

Visitors must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from anyone not in their visiting party, including staff and other residents. To facilitate this:

We encourage visiting on our porches and in our courtyards.

Visits may be held in Private and Deluxe Friendship residential suites.

In-suite visits may not be held in a standard-size Friendship suite if the resident’s roommate is present.

The community will provide a comfortable, alternate space for these visits.

Are we able to dine together?

Family members may dine with their loved one in the resident’s private room or the community’s courtyard or porch, private dining room, or common dining area, if able to socially distance. 24-hour notice is required.

Can I take my loved one on an outing?

Residents may go on outings with family members and other authorized persons. Families are asked to continue social distancing and mask usage during off-site events and gatherings. Upon return, the resident and guest will be re-screened prior to entry.

What if there are temporary visitation restrictions and my loved one needs support that only I can provide or my loved one is dying?

YourLife offers compassionate care visits, so that a family member, friend or clergy are able to offer in-person support to a resident even at a time when visits may be restricted due to state guidelines or if the community has active COVID cases. Compassionate care visits are for any resident who is, as an example:

Struggling with a lack of physical family support.

Grieving the death of a loved one.

Needs encouragement to eat or drink; provided previously by a loved one.

Emotionally distressed or expressing behaviors that were not displayed previously.

Facing end-of-life.

Please contact the community directly for details on compassionate care visits.