Get Heart Smart: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Heart Health

No matter your age, having a healthy heart is important. Truth be told, many of us don’t take care of it enough. We may think that eating right, not smoking and some mild exercise helps care for it plenty, and while it’s true that it helps, there’s still a long way to go in ensuring a healthy heart for years to come. According to Kelly Carroll, Director of Community Relations at YourLife™ of Palm Beach Gardens, offering Independent Living with Supportive Services, Assisted Living and Memory Care in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, heart disease is a leading cause of death. “Those with heart disease typically just don’t live as long as those without it,” she says. “They are less active, take more medications and are more likely to lack independence. Because it’s important to age in a healthy way to live the best lifestyle possible, optimizing your heart health now can be a big help in your future.”

5 Tips to Optimize Heart Health and Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

It can be difficult to stop a pattern of life you’ve lived for such a long time, however, according to an article by Harvard Health Publishing, change is one of the most important factors in preventing or living with heart disease. The article states that some people can easily make giant changes, including a grand exercise routine, overhaul of their diet and quitting unhealthy habits. While these are all great things, some small changes can make big leaps in improving and optimizing heart health. Consider some of the following.

  1. Make a small exercise change. Consider taking a brief 10-minute walk and slowly increase the pace each day. Take longer walks, spice it up with different locations or walk with a friend to keep it more interesting.
  2. Lift some weights. Use some light weights or everyday household objects to help tone your arms and speed up your heart rate. As time goes by, begin to lift heavier weights.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables; don’t skip breakfast. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of seniors who don’t eat right. By eating one extra fruit or veggie, you can experience some great benefits. For breakfast, enjoy some delicious whole grains and fruit - it’s the most important meal of the day and can set you up for a great start.
  4. Quit drinking sweetened beverages. Soda, coffee with too much sugar and flavoring, super-sweet alcoholic beverages … drinking your calories can quickly add the pounds and increase calories consumed. Cutting these out can help improve your health and optimize your well-being.
  5. Munch on some nuts. Instead of eating cookies, candy or chips, get a healthy crunch with some nuts. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts and more are all good for heart health, according to the article.

These are only some of the ways seniors can optimize their health. Managing stress, warding away illnesses by washing your hands and trying to eat seafood once a week can also be great ways to help. To learn more or to discover additional ways to optimize heart health, contact the team at YourLife™ of Palm Beach Gardens. We would be happy to show you or a loved one delicious, healthy recipes you’ll both love, tailor exercises to your needs and come up with a plan to help you. Simply give us a call to schedule your visit today!

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