Helping Your Loved One Handle Leaving Home

When the time comes for your loved one to leave their home, you’ll all be feeling a wide range of emotions. While you and the rest of your family may feel some relief that your loved one will be in a community where they will have access to care and will be in a safe place, your loved one may feel hesitant at the thought of moving away from home. 

“Moving to a senior community is a big change, but it’s one you can all do together,” says Jessica Smith, Community Relations Director of YourLife™ of Wildwood. “There are plenty of ways to make this transition easier for your loved one.” 

Family members can offer help, support, and reassurance to your loved one throughout this time. When they know you’re there for them, they can feel more confident in their move. With a few key tips, you can shift the focus from leaving home to looking ahead to a fresh start. 

Bringing Treasured Possessions Can Make Your Loved One Feel at Home

Your loved one doesn’t give up who they are when they move from their home. It’s essential for them to feel comfortable in their new space. You can help them plan how they want to set up their room so it best suits them. 

One of the best ways to brighten up their room is to bring their sentimental possessions along with them. Favorite photos, books, memorabilia  – anything that your loved one feels a strong connection to will help make their space feel like their own. These items can be displayed just as they were in your loved one’s home. Consider the following questions: 

  • Did they keep their books in a specific order? 
  • Did their favorite item have a place on their nightstand? 
  • Are their photos set up in a certain way? 

You can replicate this in their new room so it feels more familiar. When they’re going through the transition period, they’ll be able to take comfort in knowing they have these items waiting for them. 

Focus on What Their New Community Offers

A senior community is far more than a place to receive care – your loved one can develop a lifestyle that best suits them. Communities have numerous amenities and activities that your loved one can take advantage of – help create excitement in your loved one by sharing these activities with them. 

Perhaps your loved one has a green thumb and they want to participate in upcoming gardening activities, or regularly takes walks outside after lunch and the community has an outdoor area where they can do this. 

When you focus on what they’re going to gain in their new community, it can help them think less about leaving their current living situation. They can get excited about what they’re going to experience. 

Reach Out to YourLife™ of Wildwood

Our community provides personalized memory care to our residents, along with amenities like  a salon and spa, a Wellness Center, a beautifully landscaped park and more so everyone feels at home. We’re here to serve you. Our team has helped hundreds of families make the safest move for their loved one. Call today for more support.