Personalized Medication

What if Prescriptions Could Be Personalized?

At YOURLife™, They Can Be.

Many seniors struggle with recognizing and managing the side effects of their medications, especially as more prescriptions are introduced. The American Medical Association suggests that PGx testing, like YOURMeds Program, can help care teams avoid drugs that may cause adverse reactions. 

At YOURLife™, we are committed to utilizing technology and advancing best practices to develop a personalized medication plan for participating residents.

The YOURMeds Program offers residents an innovative solution to identify the medications that will best address their needs, while minimizing side effects, possibly eliminating unnecessary medications and improving quality of life, all based on their unique DNA using pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing.

The YOURMeds report provides your loved one’s healthcare team with a detailed genetic profile report that includes:

  • How specific types of drugs are metabolized
  • Possible drug-drug and drug-gene interactions
  • Best tolerated medications for pain management, mental and emotional wellness