Holistic Therapies

A Holistic Approach to Early Memory Loss Intervention

You may already be doing crosswords and sudoku to help keep your brain sharp, but what about the other pieces of the early intervention puzzle? A holistic approach puts all the pieces together to treat your entire being – body, mind and soul – to improve brain function while potentially slowing the progression of memory loss.


Beyond Lotion & Potion: Benefits of CBD

When your loved one ages, you may notice that they’re experiencing issues that are typical for senior citizens: weakness, pain, problems with sleeping and more. While regular exercise, a healthy diet, and other medications in their health care plan can provide some relief, sometimes you may wonder if there are ways your loved one can get additional help. CBD may provide some helpful effects that can improve your loved one’s quality of life.


Bye, Big Pharma. Hello, Mother Nature.

Balancing medications is tough. You have to keep in mind when to take them, how they should be taken, and introducing a different dosage or a new medication could have painful side effects. In some cases, turning to other methods to treat certain symptoms could possibly reduce the occurrence of this problem. But where do you find these kinds of remedies?