Resident Wellness Bands are worn around the wrist and provide a variety of extra support and safety features. All Wellness Bands enable residents to call for assistance and alert staff at the touch of a button. Additionally, the bands track steps, monitor resident activity and keep staff aware of resident locations at all times. The Wellness Bands also enhance safety and track falls, allowing staff to respond immediately. In some instances, the Wellness Bands provide electronic (keyless) access to residents' suites.

Imagine having education, entertainment, games and family connection right at your fingertips! Our touch-screen TVs provide all of that and more. These interactive screens are loaded with a variety of group and individual activities for residents and allow families to engage with their loved ones in real-time.

Every YourLife™ Personal Care Specialist carries a tablet at all times. These hand-held digital devices provide instant response and access to records at the touch of a fingertip. This technology makes real-time wellness and support a reality.