Upon my visits over the last few weeks, I have noticed how attentive the CNA's, Aides and most staff have been to my Mom, myself and other Residents/Family. We all too often focus on the issues of our loved one and not enough on how much care it takes to navigate them through each day. 

Although, I cannot necessarily mention them all by name, as it seems I meet many, I would like to point out two that have been spectacular from my vantage point.

Andrea and Erika! They are very professional, smiling, pleasant, caring, informative, knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful, attentive, motivated, and loving. They take very good care of the Residents and have taken the time to understand each and every one, with all the nuances of each resident. It is heart-warming and reassuring to see these two in action as they move about YourLife and take pride in caring for "Their Crew" , as Andrea states.

With my visits, I do not always have to inquire about my Mom's state, as they are usually volunteering information and updating me with her status. 

Please note that as a Family Member, Mom's advocate and visitor to YourLife, it is noticed and appreciated, when the caring and loving is evident.

You and the Management keep the ship sailing through good days and bad.

Thank you for all you do and to the staff that works tirelessly in the trenches every day. It gives me peace.


Mary Ruth P.