My mom has been in YourLife of Palm Beach Gardens since February. Their program is much better than the last place she has been. They have a lot of activities, freedom to move around, and go outside, so there's more autonomy for the residents. The facility is very home-like. It's big enough where they have room to roam around. On Mother's Day, they had a Tea Party. There's an arts and crafts room, a DJ that comes in three times a week to entertain them, and pet therapy. They also do tours to nowhere, where they get on a bus and just drive around so they can be outside. The residents are not sitting around just doing nothing. There is a lot for them to do. I've been there when she's eating, and the food looks very good too. Now that restrictions of COVID are lessening, it's definitely getting better. With COVID, it was hard because they don't want you interacting with everybody. Out of the many tours we've done, this was the best place we've found.