The staff at Yourlife has really beat the odds by taking on this wretched disease and working together to overcome it without imploding, God Bless them. In spite of the adversities they have improved the activities, kept their heads up and marched on. It might have gone otherwise if it weren’t for people like Tammy, Terri, Quay, Laquisha (I apologize if names are misspelled) and many others who I’ve not spoken with yet. Yes things sometimes go wrong but this side of heaven I reasonably expect they will but give them a chance to make it right and they will. It’s hard to work someplace where people can misplace their own teeth and keep your sense of dignity and humor but when our loved one did just that we helped them (even from Pennsylvania) and together we found them and we all had a chuckle at life’s little mishaps. Keep your chins up men and women of Yourlife someone who sees all things and notices every sparrow who falls from the nest sees you too!! In my prayers. I need to add Tammy you have really exceeded our hopes you have impacted and appreciated your staff from day 1!! Terri I’m so glad you are still there!! Go team go