So grateful for ALL the STAFF that work at YourLife. Thank you for all you do to take care of our loved ones, especially during this time when we cannot see, visit and touch them.

Special thanks to Rosie & Betty who took care of our Mom while being quarantined; and special thanks to Joan, who is taking care of our Mom now.

Thank you to the new nurses, aides, activities staff, culinary staff, housekeepers, and maintenance staff that we have not met yet. It takes a certain type of person to care for those with memory care. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You all make sure my Mom gets her meds, is groomed, entertained, has a good meal, keep her room clean, and you all help to keep her safe.

So glad to see Lomiah grooming the residents to give them that extra lift of feeling 'good' and looking 'good' cutting & curling hair. We all need that extra special attention, especially since the hairdresser hasn't been there since March.

I love that the Aides have been giving manicures and putting nail polish on the ladies; that's been a nice touch to add to their routine and it certainly gives both residents and staff that one-on-one time that they so deserve.

Thank you to our front desk ladies, who are always there with a pleasant voice answering and directing our calls; and taking messages. You are our lifeline!

Thank you to the Executive Staff that oversee and listen to our concerns and do what they can to address and improve whatever needs to be done. I appreciate you all. Sincere APPRECIATION to YOU ALL...... Have a great day and weekend


– Kathy D.